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R Bruce Elliott

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Gray is one of the characters in Satsuriku no Tenshi. He serves as the master of Floor B2. He is a temporary antagonist in episode 3 when he accuses Rachel of being a witch, but later becomes an ally at the end of Episode 3 and rest of Episode 4.


Gray Profile

Full Profile (Anime)

Gray is a tall, seemingly middle-aged man with short black hair that is slicked back, his eyes are only white with no pupils visible at all. His clothes consists of a purple long cloak with golden lining, wearing a golden cross necklace, with a black suit vest with a white buttoned shirt underneath. He also wears black dress pants and shoes. He also has seemingly fair skin.


Gray is extremely eloquent and serious man, able to mesmerise his listeners through words, and harbours a cold and logical heart without mercy. Despite his position as a reverend, Gray himself doesn't believe in the existence of God, simply taking the role because he is intrigued by religious faith in people. He seems to have thirst for knowledge, going through any length to acquire the knowledge he seeks even if it means sacrificing people's lives.

He appears to speak in Shakespearean-like language, always replacing normal words with "thou", "thy", "whilist", and so on.


Not much is known about Gray before the start of the story other than he have witnessed people who believe in God ever since he was young. Growing while observing those people, Gray became curious as to how people are still able to stay committed into their faith in God and questioning if God exists, how he feel when he saw such people. This curiosity most likely what led him to decide to become a reverend.

He became a reverend at a small church at a town where he gains many followers who were mesmerised by his speech and ability to see through their true selves, unaware of his use of drugs to expose them. With his curiosity finally reached its peak, Gray decided to start an experiment to determine the meaning of religious faith by giving people who believes in God a trial. He prepared a building to facilitate this experiment, but having difficulties to find people who will be the ones to give the trial as the people he needed were serial killers who're capable of killing without any restraint or hesitation. As he was trying to determine what exactly religious faith is, Gray positioned himself as the eye of the God while the serial killers he gathers are his angels and the people given trials are sacrifices.

A few years before the main story, Gray was visited by Danny and Cathy who have heard of him from a religious fanatical prisoner they detained. Using his drug, he ascertain Danny's true self, and deeming Danny fulfilled the criteria to become an angel, Gray invited him to help his experiment. With Danny's help, Gray was able to gather the remaining serial killers and finally start his experiment.


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  • He is the only floor master without any nickname, being referred by his last name in media and Reverend by most characters in the game.
  • Due to his eyes not shown having any pupil, many fans believes that he is blind.