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Daniel Dickens




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Daniel Dickens (Real Name)

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September 2



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179 cm (5'10")

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Olive Green

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Grey (left)
Red & Green (right /false eye)


Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed Father (deceased)




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Episode 1

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Takahiro Sakurai

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Derick Snow

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Danny (Daniel Dickens) is one of the antagonists in the game, Satsuriku no Tenshi. He first appears on floor B5. He was Rachel Gardner's counseling doctor. He is obsessed with Rachel's eyes, particularly the lifelessness they display.


Danny Profile

Full Profile (Anime)

Danny is a man with olive green hair parted down the middle. He says that his right eye doesn't work very well and that eye is dark with no reflection of light (but that's because Danny was born without a right eye, so it's a fake eye, after all). He wears round glasses. Danny also has a false eye that he will wear that is a combination of a red and green eye. He wears a typical doctor's coat with a brown vest over a dark blue shirt and a brown, green, and red striped tie, and also wears brown pants and shoes.

When Danny was a little kid, he wore an eye-patch over his right eye, and a vest over a shirt and shorts.


At first, Danny appears to be a normal doctor assisting Rachel. However, their time together soon fell apart as Danny continuously tells Rachel to take care of her eyes.

His eye fetish stems from his childhood after witnessing his mother's dead eyes. Since then, Danny began collecting them which was shown on his floor and in the manga.

Danny is very clever as he survived throughout most of the game, pretending to be dead even after being targeted by the protagonists. Unlike Zack, Danny is more monstrous and cunning, wanting nothing more than to possess Rachel's eyes. He even mocked the serial killer for caring towards the young girl especially taunting him with the medications he stole from his own floor as Rachel attempts to retrieve them to treat his wounds.

Despite his malicious impression, Danny is a pitiful character.


Born without a right eye, Danny was subjected to discrimination from society: people shunned him for his handicap, his parents argued about him, and even received beatings from others. This discrimination extends to his mother who suffers the most. The sad look from his mother's eyes gave birth to his eye fetish as he thought his mother's empty blue eyes were beautiful.

Child Danny Ep 1

Child Danny found his mother hanging herself.

Not wanting to suffer anymore, Danny's mother committed suicide by hanging herself, which saddened Danny as he no longer could see her beautiful eyes, though at the same time he still found her eyes beautiful in death. It is unknown what happened to his father although it is possible that he may have left them. Since then his eye fetish grew exponentially which carried into his adulthood.

Danny presumably continued his education and became a psychologist working at a facility where he met Cathy and Lucy. His profession was chosen not because he wanted to help those in need but because he felt that finding his perfect idea of beautiful dead eyes on people would be more likely to happen there.

After meeting Gray and accepting the invitation to his underground facility, Danny presumably resigned. During his time at the underground facility, Danny was assigned as the master of Floor B5.

He was later assigned to Rachel Gardner, as her psychologist. During his time with the young girl, Danny became obsessed with her eyes and wanted to claim them for himself since they looked a lot like those of his dead mother.


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Episode 1

Danny makes his first appearance within the story when Rachel makes it to floor B5. He walks out of a room near the entrance of said floor, and is quick to jog Rachel's memories of him being her psychiatrist. He explains that the building is the playground of the psycho killer, and that if either of them are caught they'll be as good as dead. He proceeds to accompany Rachel for most of the floor. Most players are immediately wary of Danny due to him forgetting about having certain keys, and making various eye comments as the two progress. He seems more concerned with Rachel's eyes than anything else, asking if her peepers need a rest and yelling at her not to get dust in her eyes.

When the two arrive in an operating room, Danny tasks Rachel with finding "something important," as he puts it. This item of his turns out to be his unique glass eye that has two pupils within it. He asks Rachel to wait in the other room while he puts it in, to which she complies though comments that he's acting strange and that she isn't sure if she should wait. Upon discovering that Danny has locked the door, Rachel locates a crowbar and pries the door open. Just as she finishes, Danny appears behind her and announces that he is the master of B5. His face is then revealed as he asks for Rachel's peepers. He quickly captures her and secures her to the operating table. Rachel struggles to escape, saying that she just wants to see her mom and dad again. Danny then makes a passing comment that she'll see her parents in Hell. This causes Rachel to remember what she did to her parents, or that they are simply dead. Danny notices the light vanishing from her eyes and he releases her, only to be slashed by the killer from the last floor, Zack. He also attempts to kill Rachel, though he is bored with her reaction. An announcement states that Zack is a traitor for attacking Danny, and that he is also a sacrifice. Zack makes a run for it, leaving Rachel to activate the elevator. Danny appears to be dead on the ground, however the player can see him move upon leaving the room.

Episode 2

Danny does not appear in Episode 2.

Episode 3

Episode 4



Rachel Gardner: Danny is assigned to be Rachel's therapist. He became obsessed with Rachel's eyes and even tried to take them for his own.

Zack: The two despise each other greatly after Zack "murdered" him on the doctor's own floor. Their antagonistic interaction sunk lower after Danny shot Rachel in Episode 4, taking pleasure in ruining their oath.

Cathy: There is no particular interaction between Danny and Cathy, save for the trial that Rachel dreams of. In the manga's case, they are shown to be familiar with each other in "Episode 0".

Eddie: Although he and Eddie are not seen interacting with one another, they were both present in Rachel's trial in her dream.



  • Danny was born with anophthalmia.
  • Danny is said to be the first person that Gray called to the building. His first "angel."
  • He, Cathy and Lucy used to work together before the events in the building. He as a therapist at a jail and they as the jailers.