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Lucy is a jailer that only appears within the manga. She was a jailer and was also the co-worker of Danny and Cathy in XX State Prison.


Cathy wears a jailer uniform, likewise to Cathy, consisting of a black pencil skirt and a rectangular-shaped hat. She wears a white undershirt and a tie under her long-sleeved blazer. Additionally, she tends to tie her hair up into a bun and wears glasses. She wears long boots that extend to just beneath her knees with an 'X' pattern on them, descending downwards. She often smells like blood and corpses.


Lucy's personality is of one that is infatuated with Cathy, with each of her appearances revolving around Lucy somehow talking or thinking about Cathy. She is shown to be extremely violent, constantly beating the people that speak bad about Cathy and always feels like her efforts to assist Cathy aren't good enough, filling her with anxiety. Despite this, she is still rather loyal to her job, instructing Danny of what reports he has to make, also answering the questions of a female prisoner.

Lucy wants to be deemed as necessary by someone, knowing that without her, the 'executions' wouldn't be carried out. She is also rather submissive to Cathy, constantly following her instructions regardless of what they are.


Catherine "Cathy" Ward

Lucy holds a strong obsession towards Cathy, despising those that look down on her or speak bad of her, even going as far as tremendously blushing when Cathy invites her out. As the two are rather close, Cathy often makes Lucy kill criminals in her stead after she has finished 'condemning' them. She is intent on defending Cathy, regardless of what means she has to use and revers Cathy as the only person that is allowed to 'judge' or 'condemn' people. Lucy also believes everything that Cathy says is 'true', as shown by her confrontation with the twins.

It is shown that Lucy is extremely afraid of Cathy hating her, saying that she'd do anything to make sure Cathy doesn't despite her, as shown by Lucy apologising profusely and crying when Prisoner 42 had escaped and blaming it on herself. When it comes to Cathy, she feels inferior and constantly seeks approval from her, wondering if she is making the right decision by hurting someone when Cathy has not 'condemned' them yet.

Lucy is the first person to be killed by Cathy after she has become an 'Angel'. And instead of feeling horrified, Lucy feels honoured to be the first person chosen by Cathy herself to be killed and happily accepted her death in Cathy's hand.


  • When speaking of beauty, she envisions Cathy as a 'vividly blossoming rambler rose'.