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Rachel Gardner




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Reicheru Gādonā

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June 10



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156 cm (5'1")

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Unnamed Father (Deceased)
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Zack (Ally)


Unknown (Game)
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Episode 1

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Haruka Chisuga

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Meg McClain

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Rachel Gardner「レイチェル・ガードナー」, also known as Ray, is the protagonist of the game, manga, and anime Satsuriku no Tenshi. She is the first playable character of the game who is a young girl that awakes in a building with initially no recollection of why she is there.

In Episode 4, she was explicitly defined and discovered by Zack as the B1 Floor Guardian that she didn't deny at all.


Rachel Profile

Full Profile (Anime)

Rachel Gardner is a 13-year-old girl of small stature. She has blonde hair going down to her hips, large blue eyes, and a petite frame. She wears a shirt with black and white horizontal stripes, a loose white cardigan, black shorts, and clunky black boots with silver buckles. In addition, Rachel wears a plain black choker and has a small black messenger bag with a triangular flap.

Her eyes vary in saturation through the game, they're shown to be much darker at the end of Episode 3 and during Episode 4, with a visible dark blue to light blue gradient.


Rachel is originally presented as extremely calm and collected, though this likely stems from her desire to die. The other floor masters say that she is ruthless, selfish, and manipulative, and willing to do anything to get what she wants. However, it is a misnomer to consider her an evil or malicious person, as she does not inherently understand human morality and does not have actual cruel impulses.

She is shown to have issues with empathy and difficulty expressing or understanding emotions, and while she has shown fear, anger, compassion, and happiness, these are rare, fleeting, and moderate. She does not, however, fake emotions, and will not pretend to have feelings that are not present. In the later episodes, though, she appears to become more expressive.

Rachel is fixated on the idea of the existence of God. This make her distress when Gray told her God won't accept her oath with Zack and when Zack told her he believes God doesn't not exist in the world. She then became so delusional that she saw Zack as her God.

Only until Zack helped her accepting her actions that she finally come to terms with her warped view. Afterwards, Rachel started to act like a normal person, particularly in regards to Zack whom she grew to genuinely care for.


Rachel was raised by her mother and father. Her mother was unemployed, while her father was a police officer. Her parents despised each other, and it is implied they would argue at least every night. Her mother implies that she is the only reason the two are remaining together. However, the couple did not attempt to spare Rachel in their feuding, blaming each other for her lack of empathy, as well as verbally and physically abusing her.

Her father would spend most of the family money on alcohol (the fuel for many firefights) and prostitutes, and as a result, her house was in poor condition, leaving empty bottles of spirits around the house, leaving bills unpaid, and appliances and floors unfixed. As such, Rachel spent most of her time out of the house, wandering alleys. While it is not stated if she went to school, it can be assumed she did, as she can read, write, and understand basic chemistry.

One night when spending time in an alley, she encounters a small puppy. Wishing to adopt the puppy but not wanting to get in trouble, she heads home to ask her parents for permission. She finds them in the kitchen, arguing. Her father storms off, accusing Rachel of psychopathy as he does. Her mother heads into another room, and Rachel follows her to ask about the puppy, finding her mother hiding something in a drawer, mumbling how she would kill her father with a "secret weapon". Rachel asks her mother to talk, to which her mother immediately replies that she is not in the mood to do so. She tells Rachel to go to her room, to which Rachel responds that she needs to ask her something. Her mother yells that Rachel is just like her father, and that she cannot even get her own child to listen to her, slapping Rachel and then storming off.

Rachel heads upstairs, thinking about the puppy. She comes down to look at the "secret weapon" her mother was talking about, discovering a handgun. She leaves to find the puppy and when she does, she attempts to catch it in a box, reaching out her hand to it and being bitten. The details of the following events are unclear, but result in the puppy being shredded and then sewn back together by Rachel, later being put in a box and carried to her room by herself.

On the same day, after her parents have been fighting for a while she hears a scream, making her to head downstairs to the kitchen to see what had happen. There she sees her father repeatedly stabbing her mother, and after he notices that Rachel is watching, he starts to go after her too. Rachel runs to the hallway, picking up the handgun her mother had hidden for self-defense, and escapes to her room upstairs. When her father comes to kill her as well, she shoots him in self-defense right after asking him to become her perfect father. Afterwards, she gathers her parents' corpses and transforms them into dolls sewed up together, the closest thing to a "perfect" family she never had.

This later leads to her institutionalization, as the authorities came to feel that she would murder others to make them "perfect" as well after she had killed another puppy at the orphanage she was sent to, just because she wanted to make it "hers" as well since the puppy wouldn't warm up to her no matter what she would do to get it to like her.

At the institution, Doctor Danny is assigned to be her therapist. Taking instant liking to her blank blue eyes that reminded him of his mother's eyes that he has been looking, Danny took her with him from the institution to the building using his authority despite Grey's objection. Danny gave her the entire Floor B1, effectively making Rachel the master of the floor. For a while, Rachel lived with Danny, suggesting various traps to be set at the entire floor, which Danny gladly arranged. He even brought her parents' corpses into her room. However, this changed when Rachel discovered a bible left behind by Grey. After reading the entire bible, Rachel developed twisted view and faith in God. Seeing her eyes began to change, Danny placed her at B7, making her a sacrifice.


Please do be aware that this section exclusively covers the plot of the game and may contain information and plot details that may be consider spoilers for those who have not yet played. Please proceed with caution.
Translations are taken from the official English release.

Episode 1

Rachel awakens to find herself in underground room, not understanding where she is. Recalling that she was previously in a hospital she exits the room in search of her parents. Cameras loom above as Rachel walks passed a gate to a wall that reads the written text:

Who art thou?
To know, thou must find out for thyself.
Is it thine true self? Or thine desired self?
An angel? A sacrifice?
Know thyself, and the gate shalt open.

Rachel enters a room with a computer that is turned off. Upon being reflected in a mirror, the computer switches on, and begins asking for the following data: Rachel's name, age, what she is doing there and why. When waiting for a response the final question, Rachel hesitantly responds that she saw someone die and that it happened right in front of her, resulting in her coming to the hospital for counseling. When finally asked what she would do now, Rachel responds that she will leave, for she wants to see her parents. The machine beside her dispenses a key card and the computer switches off.

Using the key card, Rachel opens the originally locked gate and just before entering an elevator, an announcement declares that "the girl on the bottom floor is hereby a sacrifice" and for the floor guardians to "make preparations."

She makes her way to the B6 floor, which bares resemblance of a dark alley. She stumbles across a newspaper that contains information about a serial killer. Down a pitch black alley way, Rachel comes across another message on a wall:

Someone befitting awaits you on each of the floors here.
Each are bound by a rule to never leave their floor.
If you value your life, you have no choice but to ascend the floors.

Down another alley way, she comes across an injured bird. She lures the bird with some chips that she found and takes the bird with her. A sound coming from another passage scares the bird, and it flies away from Rachel, landing on the ground. A man comes bursting through a door, slicing the bird with his scythe. He tells Rachel that he will give her a three-second head start. The man gives chase to Rachel, who enters a room and hides in a chest. The man passes by in pursuit of her. Upon exiting the chest, worried about the bird, Rachel returns to where she first encountered the man. She finds the bird that was killed, and stitches it up to "fix" it before giving it a proper burial in one of the floor's lots. Upon "fixing" the bird, Rachel notices a key that fell out of the bird's stomach, which unlocks a hatch leading to the elevator control room. After switching the elevator on, Rachel leaves the room, but is eventually ambushed by the man. This time, he doesn't give her a head start. Rachel makes it to the elevator in time and travels to floor B5, which resembles a hospital, and encounters Danny.

Danny reassures Rachel that he is real and that the man from before will not come to the current floor. Rachel and Danny set out to find an exit. Rachel asks why Danny did not run away, and Danny answers he knew Rachel would make it to this floor, which Rachel finds strange. The two encounter a glass wall that is too thick to break. Danny concludes they are trapped. The two enter a room where Rachel reads the written text:

Do you know what your heart wishes for?
Is it desire?
If that is your impulse, then there's no point to resist.
For being here you possess no such essence
However, every wish has its price.
Just don't break the rules.

Rachel asks what these "rules" are and what "desire" is. Danny answers the latter with his desire to have perfect eyes like Rachel's, as one of his does not work well. When Rachel goes to wipe the dust off some illegible text, Danny grabs her arm to prevent dust from entering her eyes.

Danny takes an anxious Rachel to the operating room and asks her to let him have a good look at her eyes. Danny praises and obsesses over Rachel's eyes, commenting on how he wants to live his life next to Rachel's eyes. Danny asks Rachel to check the back room for "something important", which intends to help Rachel remember something.

Rachel enters the room to find false eyes, which Danny takes one of to replace his dysfunctional eye. Danny instructs Rachel not to run away. However, Rachel is convinced that the man is not the Danny she knows and attempts to escape, using a crowbar to open the locked door. Danny catches Rachel, looks monstrous, and attempts to take her now non-ideal eyes.

Danny pins a pleading Rachel to the operating table, the former continuing to obsess over her eyes and memory of why things are happening. Danny's attempts do not work, however, and Rachel asks to go home to her parents, who are "in Hell" according to Danny. His comment triggers a flashback for Rachel, resulting in her paralysis. Danny marvels at Rachel's eyes becoming beautiful again until Zack appears and slashes him down. Zack goes to kill Rachel, but her paralyzed state forces Zack to think about how boring her death would be.

An announcement says Zack has now become a sacrifice, prompting him to run away. Rachel comments on the flashback convinced she should be dead. Rachel reacts to the banging noises by Zack, who is attempting to escape. Rachel walks up to him and asks him a favor: to "kill me... please."

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4



Rachel asks Zack to kill her in exchange she will help him escape from the building, forming an unusual partnership between them. At first, Rachel simply tag along with Zack so that he can kill her as he promised and swore to God for it. Her apathy and constant reminder of their promise often annoyed Zack, causing him to constantly berating and lashing out at her. As the story progress, she eventually grows closer to Zack. When it comes to Zack's well-being, Rachel breaks through from her apathy, showing concern for him and even begins to think she wants Zack to kill her not only because he swore to God to do it. Unlike most people Zack has met, Rachel sees him not as monster, tool, or even a serial killer, but as a person. This makes her wanting to know more about Zack in hope of understanding him. For a while, Rachel's twisted view caused her to view Zack as her God, and when Zack denied this, she tried to kill him to make him hers. However, after Zack helped her come to terms with her actions and twisted view, Rachel come to genuinely cares for Zack for who he truly is. This is further proven at the end of Episode 4, not wishing for Zack to frame himself as a liar, says she will take the burden of their oath, and that he will not have to worry about killing her, despite not having any reason to comfort him outside of preserving his feelings.


Rachel first met Danny when she is taken for counselling with him as her counselor. Danny is instantly captivated by Rachel's blank blue eyes, which were the eyes that Danny have been looking for. Danny's obsessiveness pushed him to bring Rachel to the building in hope he can live with her in isolation so that he can forever see her blank blue eyes. While Rachel initially followed through with living with Danny due to her apathy, Rachel later revealed that she doesn't reciprocate his feeling as she does not wish to live in isolation. Danny's obsessiveness for Rachel is so strong that he would follow her wishes just so she can stay with him, and went as far as almost killing her when she rejected him.


  • "...Please. Kill me." - Episode 1, to Zack.
  • "I'm sorry... Making you kill someone as boring as me." - Episode 2, to Zack.
  • "Both you and I are not her [Cathy's] play things... Killing and being killed... Are both our decisions to make." - Episode 3, to Zack.


  • According to the epilogue in Episode 4, Rachel is diagnosed with delirium (specifically hypoactive delirium) which is exhibited throughout the entire game:
    • She has difficulty paying attention to her surroundings or following others as they speak. This is evident as Zack constantly tells her to stop spacing out. Another example is her mother's frustration with her (Rachel's) lack of empathy.
    • Prior to the storyline, Rachel obtained a bible and became fixated on the idea of the existence of God. After waking up with amnesia and meeting Zack as they ascended to escape the building, the mentioning of "God" has made her delusional to the point that she saw Zack as her God, though he denies it completely.
    • After Dr. Danny tells her that she will meet her parents in hell, she exhibits depression-like symptoms which continued via slow speech and apathy until Floor B1. However, she is still capable of expressing other emotions.
    • Her sense of reality is warped through the expressions of her perceived "perfection" by stitching and stuffing those who she endears afterwards into dolls such as animals, her own parents, and even Zack after death.